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How to get Student visa for Australia

December 30, 2019BY Rapidmigration

1.) Choose City and State you like to Study ? 

Want Student visa of Australia but not sure which city or Course to choose from? Australia has major metro and regional cities which are popular to International students are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide, Brisbane, Gold coast ? Australia has many top Universities and College to choose from which provide many courses which gives practical knowledge too. Unsure, our counsellor can definitely guide you to assist you in making form decision.

2.) Apply for Offer Letter and COE

Australia Student visa program work bit differently then USA, Canada and other countries. Student who willing to Study in Australia, has to apply for Offer letter and must receive COE before they can lodge Student visa for Australia.  When you Apply for Offer letter, course provider either institute or University should have accepted in writing and issue Offer letter and once you paid tuition fee as per requirement COE will be issue which will be required to begin your visa application. If you are enrolling into Diploma to Degree course for example, you need one COE for each program or enrolling English course and then Master degree,. If you will required similar offer letter from each program.

We are one of Pioneer and associated partner of many leading colleges and University in Australia, and can help in counselling and enrolment process. so feel free to fill in application form so we can get in touch with you.

3.) List of Documents required for Student Visa Application 

A.) COE (Confirmation of enrolment ) into any registered College or University of Australia.

B.) Overseas Student Health Cover ( OSHC) valid for duration of Visa.  To Know more about it Click the Link Australia OSHC health insurance cover. 

 C.) Valid passport of your origin country and at least should cover duration of your whole stay of Australia

 D.) Proof of temporary Stay : Proof of documents to show your intention to stay temporary in Australia.

Apart from it, depend on level of assessment your origin country falls in, you may have to provide additional documents  like

– Financial Documents showing you are able to cover your whole stay of Australia’s cost ( Accomodation, General expense, Transportation  cost and Tuition fees.

– Birth Certificate, Leaving certificate of School, Grade report of School and College.

– IELT Test Report

If you want a Complete document list either get in Touch with us for Best Student Visa Consultant service or alternatively click on this link to go through list https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/web-evidentiary-tool . Input all required details like Nationality, Schooling, and attach list of documents required in digital format. For Australia Student sub class is generally falls under sub class 500. 

4.) Submission Of Student Visa Application  to Australian immigration 

Student visa sub class 500 for Australia can be apply online or alternatively you can hire Rapid Migration agent service which is available at nominal fee and can enjoy hassle and stress free student visa application. You can apply before 124 days before start date of your course as mention in COE as earliest. 



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